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Our agency will conduct surveillance for insurance fraud, business loss prevention, activities checks, infidelity, cheating spouse, employee theft investigations and AOE/COE. When appropiate and legal, we can enhance the results of surveillance by using GPS. All surveillance is conducted with high quality covert video, recording all relevant activities. Video evidence is transfered to our clients prefered format and provided to the client through the proper chain of custody.

Spousal Surveillance: When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life, you need answers. We realize that contacting a private investigator to check on your loved one is hard to do, but living with the fear and doubt is clearly worsre. Not only will our investigators get you the proof you need to move forward with your life, we will do so in a discreet and tasteful way to minimize your fears.

Teen Surveillance: Teen investigations are unique and at times a very sobering experience for the entire family, but are becoming more prominent and necessary. This type of investigation is a means to determine if your teen is where, when and with whom they are supposed to be. Are they with someone at a party indulging in illegal behavior or exposed to a substance that could be detrimental to their health and well being, when they are supposed to be in a study group or shopping with a friend.

Your peace of mind and bond of trust is never compromised when you know the facts. How fast are they driving? Where are they, really? We can give you confirmation.

Our agency is covered by a one million dollar errors and omissions insurance policy.

We provide very detailed, comprehensive written investigation reports.

One person or multiple person surveillance teams are available utilizing radio equipment.

Motorcycle surveillance available using helmet cameras.

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