Jim Baca Investigations

Timely, Accurate & Professional

Process Service

Routine Service   (First attempt within 72 hours. Up to two attempts.)
Contra Costa                                                           $65.00 minimum
All other counties in California                                 $85.00 minimum
Remote areas, hills, mountains                               $110.00 minimum

Additional Persons
(if at the same location)       $45.00

Rush Service
(First attempt in 24 hours. Service attempted almost daily Up to 3 days. Routine fees apply.)
Contra Costa                                                             $50.00
All other counties                                                       $65.00
Substituted Service

Diligence report and proof of mailing                        $15.00 + postage
Field Locate                                                              $35.00 + data base fees
Copies/Fax                                                                $0.25 per page
File proof                                                                   $35.00 minimum

Do Today Assignments

Service of process, court filings, recordings and deliveries    $65 /hour + .50¢ /mile

Small Claims Filing Fee                                      

Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment                   
$150.00  (open file, serve and file proof) You must provide Writ, Original Application Earnings Withholding Order, Sheriff Instructions and Sheriff Fees. (We will put together the sheriff package)

Full Service Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment    
$225.00. We prepare documents according to your instructions and send them to you for signature. We then open the file, serve the papers and file the proof of service.

Unlawful Detainers                                               
Call for pricing (to many variables)

Stake Out/Investigation
 by Licensed Private Investigator  $65 /hour + $0.50 per mile (Minimum two hours.)

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