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Locate Investigations

All locate investigations return current verifiable information. We do not provide outdated or inaccurate information.

We are ethical investigators, and we only work for ethical clients. Our agency will identify current addressess, telephone numbers, or employment for a person when a locate investigation is deemed appropiate and necessary. Some examples of an appropiate investigation would be in order to contact a debtor or a witness, or a claimant prior to surveillance or an AOE/COE investigation.

Contact us if you have a specific reason why you need to have someone located. Please note that if we accept a new clients request, and we determine that the client misrepresented the true reason for the locate, all investigations will cease and the clients retainer will be forfeited.

We receive requests to find old friends, classmates, lost relatives, etc. In these situations, a private investigator will locate and contact the person, and only with that persons permission will we release private information.

Locate investigations vary in degrees of difficulty, and because of this, it is difficult to accurately quote the cost in advance. A person who is not hiding from anyone will obviously be an easier skip trace than a runaway teenager, homeless person, criminal or persons deemed missing.

Our rates fore all locate investigations are $65.00 per hour, plus database fees, and when necessary, travel mileage is billed at $.50 per mile. The majority of our cases can be completed for under $300.00, so we ask for a $300.00 retainer. If we can not locate the the person within that budget, we will write our client a report, explain what we have done to date, and discuss what would be necessary to proceed.

Please note: Missing Person cases are much more difficult and time consuming than a basic locate. Based on the information that one may have on a Missing Person, a retainer equivalent to 1 - 3 days, (8 hour days), may be required. 

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