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Judgment Recovery

What is Judgment Recovery?
Judgment Recovery is a service which allows the recipient of a court ordered compensatory judgment to claim their money or other assets to settle the debt owed to them. The majority of the judgments ordered by the courts are never paid and collecting the money can be quite difficult without professional help.

Private Investigators are experienced in compelling debtors to pay awards to the recipient, using a wide variety of effective methods. Remember, having a judgment against someone and getting them to pay you are two completely different things. There is nothing worse than spending time, effort and money for legal representation to secure a judgment and then not even being able to claim your award.  

So, do you have an unsatisfied court judgment that you have given up all hope of collecting? Does 50% to 60% of something sound better than the 100% of nothing you now have. We recover small and large judgments starting at $5,000.00. In California, judgments are valid for 10 years and receive 10% interest per year. Don't wait until it is to late.

Our firm will never charge you a fee in advance for an assigned judgment. We collect a percentage of the judgment once it has been collected, in part or in full. It is obviously in your best interest and ours to recover the entire judgment, and we will fight to accomplish this.

We prepare and file all the required documents for you.

Unlike judgment collection agencies you do not have to assign the judgment to our agency for us to investigate the debtor. We can work your case with the judgment assigned to us or not. We will inform you of your options and let you decide on how you want to move forward.

These investigations are sensative, and should not be trusted  to an amateur. It's very important to realize in all cases, judgment creditors have only one opportunity to surprise a judgment debtor. It's crucial to have the investigation process completed correctly, because usually there is no second chance.

Please note that unassigned judgments do have other fees involved.

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