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Background Investigations

We have 8 years of conducting comprehensive pre-employment checks and background checks. Whether it's for a law firm needing due diligence, or an employment agency that needs to ensure the hiring of the best candidate, or an individual concerned about the background of another person, we can assist you.

Below is a sample of the background investigations that we offer. Of course, each and every background check is personalized for your specific needs, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual concerns and requirements.


This check will quickly verify an identity and social security number, identify alias, and previous addressess reported. Additionally, a check on criminal records databases will be researched covering 95% of the U.S.

PLEASE READ FIRST: This is a criminal record search conducted by a licensed private investigator and the results will be returned within 1-3 business days. Please be aware that regardless of what is being advertised on the internet, the only complete nationwide criminal search is NCIC, the FBI's criminal database.  This is not available to the public or private investigation companies. We offer a highly effective service which searches for criminal records in 95% of all individual counties or boroughs within the U.S., ustilizing several hundred data suppliers. The records are updated frequently, usually within days. These records are then reviewed by a licensed private investigator for accuracy.

This is a comprehensive background investigation that includes completely identifying and verifying social security number, date of birth, current and previous addressess, AKA's, relatives, telephone numbers, businessess, DBA's, civil records, tax liens, judgments, evictions, criminal records, marriage, divorce, professional licenses and more. Results returned within 3 days.


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